J.I.D Brings Out Inner Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘Dicaprio 2’ Album Trailer

J.I.D Brings Out Inner Leonardo Dicaprio in 'Dicaprio 2' Album

Dreamville’s own, J.I.D brings out Inner Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘Dicaprio 2′ album trailer.

The trailer is homage to Leonardo movies such as The Wolf on Wall Street, Django Unchained, Titantic & more.

Also, the trailer ends with a Grammy that’s a replica of the Atlanta native. This is a great introduction for the animated artist. J.I.D’s album that will release on Monday, 26th.

He also says his concern isn’t about album sales, “we doing this sh*t our way.” It’s always great to see an artist who’s main focus is the fans and the authenticity of their music.

Check out the comedic and entertaining trailer below:


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