5 People Charged with Trafficking $73 Million in Counterfeit Jordans

counterfeit Air Jordans

You can’t be like Mike with a fake pair of Nike Air Jordan’s on your feet.

Five people have been charged for trying to smuggling more than $380,000 pair of counterfeit Air Jordan’s. The sneakers arrived at the Port of Newark and were going to Brooklyn and Queens to add Jordan trademark logo. The sneakers come in from China and then, after adding the trademark logo they’re sold at retail price for $190 per pair.

If the shoes were real, this is a $73 million dollar profit from selling the fake sneakers.

Investigators inspected about 27,000 pairs of shoes before charging the suspects. The five individuals are Miyuki Suen, Jian Mina Huang, Songhua Qu, Kin Lui Chen and Fangrang Qu. They are all charged with counterfeit trafficking conspiracy and trafficking in counterfeit goods, says police.

Nike is one of the biggest selling sneakers brands and New York is one of the Mecca’s for the sneaker culture. There still can be a lot of fakes, so please buy from trustworthy and authentic retailers.




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