6ix9ine Cancels his Tour and Fires Entire Team

6ix9ine Cancels his Tour and Fires Entire Team

On Thursday (Nov. 15th), rapper, 6ix9ine cancels his tour and fires entire team.

Tekashi makes a video to say he has no booking agent, no manager and no publicist. Even though he’s known to troll, it seems as if he is very serious about this decision.

The rapper states “If you booking shows, do not book shows unless I say this show is gonna be booked with this person.” “They will steal your money. They’re not me. I’m not signing no f*cking contracts. Whoever is booking shows for Tekashi69 is stealing your f*ckin’ money.”

He will be rescheduling dates and if you are not personally speaking to him on the phone then it’s not legit!

He ends his video with November 23rd being the release of his album.


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