Ari Lennox Drops New Tracks “No One” and “Pedigree”

Ari Lennox drops new tracks

The soulful lady, Ari Lennox drops new tracks “No One” and “Pedigree

The new tracks follow the 40 shades of Choke and “Grandpa” that dropped last week”

We are hoping this new music is leading up to a new album! Also, catch Lennox on Creed II soundtrack on song with J.Cole entitled “Shea Butter Baby.”

It’s great to see Ari consistently releasing music. At one point, Lennox vented on twitter and fans weren’t sure if she was done with music. But time passed and we received “Whipped Cream,” which was the first song to release sing her “PHO” EP.

Air Lennox fans, you now have more music to vibe to during the holidays, enjoy!



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