Cardi B Gives “Kill Bill” Vibes in ‘Be Careful’ Visual


Cardi B went on a hiatus when she removes herself from her Instagram account. She comes back yesterday (May 20) with the teaser for her new single “Be Careful.” Today, the Bronx rapper gives us a video portraying a wedding with her husband, played by Keith Carlos. It ends at dark funeral where Cardi is closing the casket on her man.

The opening scene gives Kill Bill feels as Bardi drives an old school car up to a vintage Chapel in the middle of the desert. The imagery was great as Cardi B appears in all white including her hair in the wedding, while the husband is in all black. Then the funeral portrays a dark opening where she comes in with all black, a beaded veil hat and devilish red hair.

It’s not clear how her husband dies. Due to the lyrics of betrayal and non-grieving faces at the funeral, Cardi and friends had zero remorse for him.

The video was directed by Jora Frantzis, creative style from Kollin Carter.

Check out the video below:



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