Cyntoia Brown is Granted Clemency and will be Released in August

Cyntoia Denise Brown

For years, everyone has been following now 30-year-old Cyntoia Brown’s story.

Cyntoia’s Conviction

Brown was given a life in prison at the age of 16 after killing a man who solicited her for sex. Brown says she felt scared for her life by the man’s actions and that it was self defense.

Prosecutor’s said the killing was motivated by robbery because Brown took money, guns and his truck. The Juvenile court felt she needed to be tried as an adult for murder and robbery, which led to her getting life in prison.

Brown Exploited and Abused at a Young Age

In the ‘Me Facing Life : Cyntoia’s Story‘ documentary, we get a background on the young woman’s life.

She talks about being forced into prostitution, her pimp and being abused. She discusses the pimp’s threats of killing her if she ever tried to leave him. Also, she talks about an incident when he choked her until she passed out.

Her time in Prison:

The media has been able to keep up with Brown’s progress in Prison. She seems to be completely different from the 16 year old who entered the prison. She has earned her associate’s degree from Lipscomb Univ. and working to earn her Bachelor’s. Her story has also gave her the chance to help other troubled youth and one of the main reasons Tennessee deals with sex trafficking.

Brown Granted Clemency

After serving 15 years, Cyntoia Denise Brown has been granted clemency. She will be released on August 7th and on probation for 10 years.

Through the power of the media and communities coming together, Brown will be able to see light of day from the other side.

Cyntoia Brown


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