Kanye West Vs. Drake

Kanye West

Yesterday (Dec.14th), Kanye West aired out his thoughts on rapper, Drake.  It all started when Ye’ posted a text stating “Drake sent in a clearence request for “Say What’s Real.” Do you wanna cear? 

West continues with numerous tweets addressing Drizzy needing to apologize  for sneak dissing, disrespecting mental illness and much more.  He also states that there would not be a Drake if there wasn’t a Kanye West

Apparently, Drake gives Yeezy a call and Ye’ says Drake threatened him and the song still isn’t cleared. 

His rants didnt’ stop until earlier today , but eneded in a  positive way. 

Kim Kardashian defends her husband tweeting about his huge impact in many industries. She continues with mentioning drake and telling him to threaten her husband or family. 

Drake baby mama Sophieknowsbetter states “I would hardly call Kanye arguing with himself ‘grown men.’” She makes this statement under The Shaderoom account  addressing an Ariana Grande post about the beef.


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