Listen to Jessie Reyez, Normani and Kehlani “Body Count” Remix

Jessie Reyez, Kehlani and Normani

The vocal beauties Kehlani and Normani come together on Jessie ReyezBody Count” remix.

This track definitely brings light to the double standards that women have when it come to their body count. When it comes to men, body count isn’t a big deal in society or he’s gets the player label. It’s no secret that if a woman’s body count is high, she’s getting the hoe/slut label.

Normani brings out the first verse as she speaks on respect and being an independent women. Normani goes “I’m independent, I’m self sufficient and I don’t need a wedding ring. You think you made me?..You were birthed by a woman, show some f*cking respect.”

Kehlani comes on the track to let a man know they enjoy the same things. “I dodge dick for some pussy, something that we can agree on. Don’t tell me it’s a turn on for you, or maybe it bothers you. That you’re the only one out the equation.” She has some more fire on her verse as well.

Jessie Reyez was genius to have them on her remix.

Check it out below:




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